Middlesex County was once a flourishing area that enticed many settlers. Our rich past is captured in the historical societies, cemeteries, and heritage trail. If you are fascinated about researching your genealogy, then Middlesex is a fantastic resource and will help you connect with previous generations. 

** For a comprehensive list of cemeteries, please visit the Canadian Cemetery Project's website or the London & Middlesex County Branch of Ontario Genealogical Society's website.

Southwest Middlesex, Newbury

Gardiner Cemetery
450 Longwoods Road

Cashmere Cemetery
600 Longwoods Road

Archer/O’Malley Cemetery
Range #1 North Lot, Lot 17

St. James Anglican Church & Cemetery
216 Church St, Wardsville

Wardsville Cemetery
1 Kennedy Street, Wardsville

North American Martyrs’ Roman Catholic Cemetery
91 Ontario Street, Wardsville

Big Bend Cemetery
2269 Longwoods Road

Simpson Cemetery
21563 Pratt Siding Road

McConnell Cemetery
Concession 4, Lot 12

Oakland Cemetery
3444 Longwoods Road

Carswell Cemetery
Concession 10, Fore Pt, Lot 6-7
Buttonwood Drive

Kilmartin Cemetery
24452 DunDonald Road

Walker Cemetery
Concession 2, Lot 2, Concession Drive

St. Andrew’s Cemetery
112 Main St, Glencoe

McRae Cemetery
3874 Hyndman Drive

Eddie Cemetery
4490 Glendon Drive

Willy Cemetery
5267 Gentleman Drive

McKeller Cemetery
5612 Riverside Drive

Murray Cemetery
5693 Riverside Drive

Covenanted Baptist Cemetery
5637 Longwoods Road

Appin Cemetery
22886 Thames Road, Appin

Lotan Cemetery
5472 Century Drive

Adelaide Metcalfe

Gough Cemetery
5018 Scotchmere Drive

Brown Cemetery
5745 Calvert Drive
Laughton Cemetery
6222 Inadale Drive

St. Mary’s Anglican Church & Cemetery
1418 Melwood Drive

West Adelaide Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
1362 Cuddy Drive

St. Anne’s Anglican Cemetery
2276 Egermont Drive

Fourth Line Cemetery/Mount Zion
3267 Napperton Drive


Strathroy Cemetery
585 Metcalfe Street West

Roman Catholic Cemetery
25748 Melbourne Road

Hess Cemetery
24089 Sutherland Road

Mount Carmel United Church Cemetery
23718 Christina Road

Campbell Cemetery
7972 Century Drive

Cook’s United Church Cemetery
7892 Parkhouse Drive

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery
718 Thomas Street

Troops Cemetery
22635 Troops Rdoad

McLean Cemetery
9391 Scotchmere Drive


Delaware Cemetery
2637 Gideon Drive

Campbell Cemetery
10196 Oxbow Drive

Graham Cemetery
10282 Melrose Drive

First Lobo Baptist Cemetery
10868 Oxbow Drive

Melrose United Church Cemetery
6711 Egermont Drive

Poplar Hill Cemetery
24511 Poplar Hill Road
Religious Society of Friends Cemetery
359 Quaker Lane

Hume/Coldstream Cemetery
10425 Idlerton Road
Ivan Cemetery
24159 Narin Road
Duncrief (Lobo Methodist) Cemetery
11619 Charlton Drive

Telfer Cemetery
12894 Nine Mile Road
St. George’s Anglican Church & Cemetery
12656 Thirteen Mile Road
Denfield Cemetery/Welsh Cemetery
23853 Denfield Road
Southgate Cemetery/ O’Neil Cemetery
23497 Wonderland Road
Birr Anglican Cemetery
14271 Thirteen Mile Road
Medway Cemetery
14405 Ten Mile Road
Carmichael Cemetery
14564 Nine Mile Road
St. John The Devine Cemetery & Church
21557 Richmond Sreet

Thames Centre

North Nissouri Church Cemetery
24058 Fairview Road
Bowers’ Cemetery
22581 Purple Hill Road
Vining Cemetery
22157 Purple Hill Road
Cobble Hill Cemetery
21560 Cherry Hill Road
Robin’s Hill Cemetery (Brown’s Hill)
16598 Robin’s Hill Road
Clipperton’s Cemetery
20236 Purple Hill Road
Zion Hill Seventh Line Cemetery
5193 Cobble Hills Road
Nilestown Baptist Cemetery
2980 Hamilton Road
Dorchester Union Cemetery
2251 Dorchester Road
Putam United Church Cemetery
7180 Hamilton Road
Derwent Cemetery
135 Westminister Drive

Gladstone Baptist Cemetery
4895 Dorchester Road
Harrietsville Anglican Cemetery
2275 Harrietsville Drive

Purdy Cemetery
2759 Gladstone Drive

Avon Cemetery
3900 Avon Drive


Granton United Church Cemetery
34500 Granton Line

Butler Cemetery
34241 Coursey Line

St. James Anglican Church & Cemetery
34092 Richmond Street

Lewis Colony Cemetery
34733 Richmond Street

Nursery Cemetery
35051 Richmond Street

St. Patrick’s Anglican Church & Cemetery
6287 Mount Carmel Drive

North Middlesex

Neil Cemetery
35472 Neil Road
Ebenezer Cemetery
35208 Maguire Road
Carlisle Community Cemetery
19 Falkirk Street

Christopher Lewis Cemetery
4345 McGillivary Drive

St. Mary’s Cemetery
34800 Brinsley Road
Mar’s Hill Cemetery
4257 McGillivary Drive

Narin Mennonite Church Cemetery
26459 Bear Creek Road
First Narin Cemetery
3789 West Cornor Drive

West Cemetery
3789 West Cornor Drive

McTaggart Cemetery
10423 Petty Street
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
35126 Lieury Road
Lieury Baptist Cemetery
3015 McGillivary Drive

Salem Cemetery
35548 Salem Road
Bornish Street Columbia Cemetery
31619 Centre Road
Parkhill Cemetery
33050 Grand Bend Line

Centenary United Church Cemetery
1959 West Cornor Drive

Bornish Scottish (Old Hilltop) Cemetery
1837 Bornish Drive

Meadow Hill Cemetery
1632 West Cornor Drive

Mark Settlement Burying Ground
1185 Mark Settlement Drive

West Williams Cemetery
32152 Sylvan Road